Changing your Email Password

The recommended method to change a mailbox password, available on all services, is via your main Irish Domains account at

Firstly, log on using your main Irish Domains account user's email address (usually the address that notifications such as invoices, reminders are sent to).

After logging on, your account dashboard will be displayed. Click "Services" and "My Services" to view your subscribed services.

Your list of active services will be displayed. Select "View Details" for the relevant ID Mail or Web Hosting Service.

The Service Details page for your ID Mail or Web Hosting Service will be displayed. Click the "Email Addresses" icon.

The list of defined email addresses will be shown. Click the "Edit" icon beside the email address for which you want to change password.

This will allow you change the password on the address. You can click "Generate" to have a strong password suggested, or you can enter your own password if it is sufficiently strong. Your password should be at least 12 characters  long and include uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers, and special symbols like !$@*$ etc. The password is not changed until you click the "Save" button.

After clicking "Save", a message will be shown to confirm that the password was changed.

If the password was not strong enough, this will be indicated by an error message, so you should try again.

After changing the password, we strongly recommend to test the new password by logging in to Webmail at


Once you have changed and checked the password, you will need to enter that new password into any email program (Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird etc.) or mobile device that you use to pick up your email. 


Note: There is also a forgot password option on the webmail login page above that can be used to send a password reset link as alternative way of changing the password for a mailbox.

However,  this can be used ONLY if you have previously set an alternative email address within your webmail, as the password reset link would be sent to that alternative address.


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