This document is referenced by and incorporated into our Terms and Conditions and applies to all uses of websites or services provided by Irish Domains whether directly or indirectly.


It is not the wish or practice of Irish Domains ("Irish Domains", "we", "us", "our") to restrict, edit or censor any information placed by you on our services. However, we do have to balance this against the rights of other internet users, and also the legal restrictions under which we must operate.

Services (including domains) supplied by us may NOT be used to store, transmit, provide, facilitate or relay any of the following:

  1. Mass unsolicited emails or other electronic communications (spamming)
  2. Pornographic, offensive, vulgar or obscene content of any kind (including links to such content)
  3. Computer viruses, Trojan horses or other malicious programs
  4. Denial of Service attacks against Irish Domains or any other person or entity
  5. Fraudulent, illegal or misleading content, services or products
  6. Material which is copyrighted (unless permitted by the copyright holder)
  7. Any other activity which is illegal under law

In particular, you must not engage in any activity, legal or otherwise, that could cause harm or unreasonable anxiety, inconvenience or stress to others.

We may from time to time be requested by the ISPAI hotline ( or other source to remove objectionable content from our servers. Where possible, reasonable opportunity will be given to resolve the matter, however Irish Domains Ltd. reserve the right to cancel, suspend or terminate any service immediately and without notice where, in its exclusive opinion, a breach of the Acceptable Use Policy is likely to have occurred.

Please note that the above policy applies even where our services are ancillary to the activity in question. This would for example, include operating a site that is advertised or referenced via spam irrespective of whether the messages were actually sent using your account, or using your email address or website to provide contact details for offending activities hosted elsewhere.


Without prejudice to the above, our policy is that email communications via mailing list are usually permitted as long as ALL of the following conditions are met:

  • Recipients are currently in a business relationship with the sender, or have verifiably opted to receive such communications.
  • Where mailing list subscriptions are solicited via website, adequate measures must be taken to prevent automated or inadvertent signups.
  • Each communication indicates clearly why the recipient is receiving the message.
  • A functional unsubscribe facility is clearly available on each communication. Such a facility must result in an acknowledgement back to the recipient.
  • Inactive or non-deliverable email addresses are promptly and frequently removed from the list.
  • The nature, size and volume of communications are such that no inconvenience is caused to the recipient, or to the operator of any network through which the messages may pass.

In the event of complaint, the onus is on the list operator to demonstrate compliance with these conditions and with applicable national legislation.

Please note that the EU Directive on privacy and electronic communications (2002/58/EC) as transposed into national law by S.I. 535 of 2003, provides that each unlawful message or call will constitute a separate offence and be subject to a fine of €3,000.


Web hosting packages and other services include defined amounts of resources such as bandwidth (data transfer), disk, email & database quota etc that you may consume. When you exceed these limits, you agree to pay for usage in excess of these limits at the rates listed on our website (unless contracted in advance at another agreed rate). Operation of a website may indirectly use other resources such as CPU, I/O, database transactions, sockets, connections which are not individually charged for.

Disk space provided as part of a web and/or email hosting account must be used exclusively for the purposes of operating the website or mailboxes provisioned on that account. The provided space represents an overall cumulative storage allocation to include all files that constitute your website(s) plus all your mailboxes. Individual limits apply to mailboxes and webspaces: where these are not otherwise specified, the maximum mailbox size allowed is 1GB and the maximum webspace size is 10GB. SMTP sending is permitted only from normal email clients (real users), use of email accounts as smart host, relaying from an externally hosted application, or any form of automated or aggregate usage is not permitted.

In all cases, whether chargeable or not, you agree that your use of our systems or your consumption of resources will not be such as to adversely affect other clients on our systems. In the case of shared web hosting, no client shall consume more than 10% of any individual resource on a shared web hosting server for a sustained period of time, or more than 25% of any individual resource for more than three minutes. Unless contracted otherwise, email throughput on any individual account is limited to 50 messages per minute, 250 per hour or 2500 per day. Automated POP3 connections (from exchange server for example) must be limited to one automated connection every 15 minutes for any individual mailbox, and one connection every 30 seconds for the subscription as a whole. Catch-all email accounts that accept emails from all possible addresses on a domain name are not allowed.

If your that your use of our systems or your consumption of resources adversely affects other clients or the normal operation of our systems, we reserve the right to suspend, limit, or terminate your usage of such resources, without notice if necessary, until you reduce your usage to acceptable limits.