Setting up your email on an iPhone (iPad)

You can use your iPhone/iPad to access your Irish domains email accounts.

To Set up your email account (On your device)
Settings -> "Mail" -> "Accounts"
 Add account
   Select"Other" (from list of available accounts providers)
 Add mail Account
Enter your:-
     email address,
     email account password, 
     Description (for identification on phone only)
Select ->  Next
Select -> IMAP  (recommended) or POP
 Under Incoming Mail Server, enter:-
     Host name:
     User Name: your email address
     Password: ******* (already completed)
Under Outgoing mail server, enter:-
     Host name:
     User Name: your email address
     Password: re-enter password
 Select  - Next
The I-Phone will attempt to connect to the mail server to verify the account settings - (this may take a few minutes)
when complete..
Select  "Save" and the account will be added to your phone.
Your iPhone is now set up to send & receive email using your Irish Domains Email account

IMPORTANT: If you have set up your email account as an IMAP account, you can choose whether to store Sent and Draft messages on your device or on the remote server (recommended). This is set by selecting the folder location in advanced settings for your email account on your iPhone. You can also select how your device manages Deleted messages.


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