Enabling Two-Factor Authentication for your Account

Two factor authentication adds an extra layer of security on your account whereby you need to have physical access to a known device such as a mobile phone to be able to log in.

Enabling Two Factor Authentication

Log onto your Irish Domains account.

On your Dashboard, click on the "User" icon on the extreme right of the top menu, then click "Security Settings"

Initially, two-factor authentication will be disabled - click the button to "Enable" it and click "Get Started" to start the process.

The Wizard will display a QR code that you can use (for example) on the Google Authenticator App on any Android phone, or you can use another app like "Duo"

If you prefer, you can enter the authenticator code manually into your App - it is a good idea to write this code down and store it safely somewhere.

Once you have configured your Authentication App, it will display a six digit code that updates usually every 30 seconds.

Enter the displayed code on the Wizard and click "Submit" to enable.

From now on, you will be asked to enter your authentication code any time you log in to your account.



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