How do I change my MX Records?

Depending on the parking or hosting package that is running on your domain, the Qmail Mail Service may be installed on the domain. 

If Qmail is installed, unless you are only inserting Spamfilter records that will point back to Qmail (if this is the case, you can instead deactivate the old MX records), Qmail service should be removed before new MX records are added to the domain. Note that you should back-up or archive your mailboxes before doing this as they will be deleted when the service is removed.

Login to your Control Panel and navigate to the Domain Administration area:-

  1. Select "All Domains" from the Subscription drop down box at the top of the page
  2. Click on "hosted domains" on main menu
  3. Click on the domain name you wish to change
  4. If Qmail is installed, under Hosting Services, Mail hosting will show as installed and there will be a Mail tab visible
  5. Select the "Mail" tab
  6. Select "Remove hosting" to remove the Qmail mail hosting system.

In the domain settings above, select the "DNS" tab, then "DNS Records" from the sub-menu below

  1. Click on "Add New DNS Button"
  2. Select type: MX 
  3. Complete the DNS Record Properties as follows:
    • Mail Domain: leave blank (unless setting MX record for a sub domain)
    • Select Preference as required (low number=high preference)
    • Mail Exchanger: enter your new MX host name (Important, this must be a host name, not an IP address)
    • Select "Finish" to complete

If your MX record requires a new local "A" record to be set up (i.e. the MX record is a new host name on the same domain, then a new "A" record should be set up as follows:

  1. Click on "Add New DNS Button"
  2. Select type: "A
  3. Enter sub-domain or host name
  4. Enter IP address
  5. Select "Finish" to complete

Your new MX records are now set up. If you receive email on more than one domain, you may need to repeat this for the other domains. Our nameservers will begin publishing the new information within 10 minutes of the change but it may take 3-6 hours for the information to be visible everywhere during which time messages may be received by either the new or the old server.


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