Accessing WordPress files installed via Application Vault

When you install WordPress from the Application Vault, the application is installed in a location outside the main web root. Normally this is location is not visible when you connect to your site by FTP - this prevents inadvertent modification of WordPress core files that could interfere with the operation of our Application Vault upgrades.

We recommend that where possible, you use WordPress itself to upload media files, new themes and or plugins - this is the most reliable and safest method.
However, there are times where it is convenient to upload directly into the WordPress directory via FTP, for example when uploading large numbers of media files, or custom developed themes that are not correctly packaged for automated install.
The AppVault provides a mechanism to access the files directly:
  • Log on to control panel
  • Click on "Websites" on main menu (if this option is not visible, select the hosting subscription from the dropdown box at the top of the page)
  • Click on the domain name
  • Click "Site Applications"
  • Click "WordPress"
At bottom of page under "Access to Application Content Fold" the  FTP path to the the application directory is displayed -
Path to application content   /webspace/siteapps/xxxxx
You can navigate to this location using your FTP program in order to access your site files.
If you are accessing your control pane using Mozilla FireFox browser with FireFTP installed, clicking on this link in the control panel will open the directory in FireFTP.
Note, we strongly recommend that you do not modify any files outside the wp-content directory.
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