How do I generate a CSR and Private Key ?

Before you can generate a certificate signing request (CSR) your hosting account must have an Exclusive IP address. On shared web hosting packages from Business 10 and higher, you have the ability to switch to an exclusive IP address (lower packages can be upgraded quickly and easily, contact our sales team for more information). To check, log on to your control panel and click -> Websites -> [domain name] - > Web Hosting Settings. If the IP address type is 'Exclusive' then you are good to go. If it is 'Shared' then you should click 'Edit' and switch to an exclusive IP address (or upgrade if this option is not available).

To generate the CSR for your domain, from main menu, select "Account Settings -> More Tools  -> SSL Certificates -> Create Certificate Signing Request"

When generating the CSR, select a RSA key length of 2048, select the correct country and enter Province & City as appropriate. Organization name should be the full legal name of the domain registrant, Unit name is an optional department such as 'Online Sales'. The domain name must be exactly the host name you wish to secure, most usually The email address should be an standardized address at the domain which is working (administrator, ssladmin, webmaster, info, is, it), and you should tick the box 'Store Private Key in User Repository'.

The Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and Private Key will then be displayed. It is important that you copy BOTH of these locally to your own computer for safekeeping. The CSR should be supplied to Irish Domains (or other SSL vendor) when purchasing your certificate. The Private Key will need to be entered again when your cert is issued so it is vital that you keep this safe.

If you need to secure more than one domain or host name on the same IP address, you should request a Multi-Domain SAN Cert. Generating the CSR is exactly the same but you should still only enter a single common name (normally the first one on your list). The full list of common names to be included should be given to us when ordering. 

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