Installing Drupal on your hosting Account

To install Drupal from the application vault:

Select the domain you want to install Drupal on 

  1. Login to your Irish Domains web Control Panel
  2. Select “Websites” on the Top Menu (If this is not visible, select your hosting subscription from the Subscription dropdown box at the top of the page)
  3. Click onto the domain you wish to install Drupal on

Install Drupal

  1. Select “Site Applications”
  2. Click on the “Install” button & Select Drupal from the available applications
  3. The Installation page should confirm that both PHP and Database are enabled on the hosting package. Press “Next” to proceed.
  4. You will now be asked for some basic settings for Drupal:
    • username, password, blog title etc. See below about URL Path. Note: these settings can be changed later if required.
    • URL Path will display  “/drupal” by default. This means Drupal will be installed in a subfolder called drupal (i.e. This is ideal if you wish to run Drupal as an additional blog on your main website or if you are testing or developing a Drupal site. Folder name can be changed as required.
      You can install directly to the domain root folder by removing the folder name “drupal” and just leaving a forward slash “/”.
  5. Click “Next” and “Finish” to complete installation
    • The URL for your Drupal installation will normally be either or depending on whether you changed the URL path.
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