How do I forward my emails to another address?

You can set up email forwarding on your email address from within your Irish Domains control panel.

This can be done either by the email user themselves, or by the account administrator.

By Administrator:

  • Login to the control panel using your administrator username & password.
  • Select "Mail" from top menu¬†¬†(if this option is not displayed, select your hosting subscription from the top dropdown box first)
  • Select the email address you wish to set the forwarding on by clicking on the Display name
  • Select The "Forwarding" tab
  • Click on "Forward List"
  • Click on "Add Forwarding E-Mail Addresses"
  • Add the address you wish to forward the mail to
  • Submit

By Email user:

Login to the control panel using your email address and password. This gives you access to your own user account and any email services you have set up.

  1. Select "E-Mail" tab
  2. Select "Forwarding"
  3. Select "Forward List" tab
  4. Select "Add Forwarding Email addresses"
  5. Add the address you wish your mail to be forwarded to
  6. Select "Submit"
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