• Thursday, May 4, 2023

As customers on our legacy mail services will be aware, we experienced a significant outage of mail and other services from Thursday 4th May.

This was because of the failure of a critical piece of our infrastructure, namely the Unity storage array that underpins the mail server cluster and some website services.

This has since been resolved and the systems are back online, but we recognize this has caused much inconvenience to a number of customers, and we sincerely apologize for this.

Exceptional events like this do generate an unusually large number of calls and tickets to our support team. Please understand if we have not yet been able to respond to all contacts made during the event, or if replies were of a general or brief nature as our support staff dealt with the volume of questions we received, this is sometimes unavoidable in the circumstances. 

If you have residual problems connecting to your email accounts in articular, please refer to the articles below as they should help you reconnect.

Reconnecting to email accounts after outages or mailbox issues

Email account settings for all email programs and devices

How do I change the password for my legacy email account?

What happens to rejected or delayed incoming email messages?

We'll be reaching out to affected customers over the next few days with more information, once we've had a chance to take a breath and review the last few days events.