Services Migration - Mailboxes and Webmail

Migration of Mailboxes and Webmail services from the older Odin ( system to the newer ID Mail platform, will take place at the same time as DNS migration of the relevant domains for email only plans, and at the same time as website migration for hosting customers.

Webmail (ID Mail)

After migration, mailboxes can be accessed via the newer ID Mail webmail application at - new features such as file sharing and chat are supported on the newer system. You will need to know the password for your mailbox in order to log in to webmail (if you don't know it, you can reset it via your account at on the service details page).


Mailboxes and content will move from our hosting cluster to our newer ID Mail system. Mailbox contents will be migrated intact so the Inbox and folder structure including Sent Items, etc. will be preserved across the systems. Usernames and passwords for mailboxes will generally be the same on the new system, subject to some differences as outlined below.

Management of mailboxes will move to your account on and can be accessed by clicking "Services" -> "My Services" and then viewing the details for the Email or hosting plan in question. Mailboxes can be added or removed via and passwords can be changed if needed, email forwarding can also be configured. For Web hosting plans, email accounts can additionally be managed via the Plesk hosting interface, either using the One-click login icon on the service details page, or by logging in directly using the username/password shown on the same page.

Email Aliases

Email address aliases defined on the system will be preserved during migration, but may be implemented slightly differently. Aliases on the same domain, will remain as aliases on the ID Mail system. Aliases on different domains will be rewritten as forwarding only mailboxes on the ID Mail system.

Email Forwarding

In general, email forwarding on will be preserved on the ID Mail system identically to the way it was configured on


Autoresponders will not be brought across, but can be set up again on the new system. For ID Mail hosting plans, auto-responder can be set up via individual email logins on ID Mail and for Web Hosting plans, can be additionally configured via the Plesk hosting control panel.

All-Domains Mailboxes

The ID Mail system no longer supports "all-domains" mailboxes that receive email for the same local part across all domains defined on the subscription. During migration, all-domains mailboxes will be "unwrapped" and re-implemented as a main single domain mailbox on the "main" domain, plus forwarding only mailboxes that will route email for the other address variants to the main mailbox. Sometimes this might not be the preferred domain that was actually in use, if this is the case, let us know via support ticket and we can adjust as needed.

Mailbox usernames and passwords.

For most mailboxes, you will be able to access your mailbox on ID Mail using the same username (= email address) and password as was configured on the older system. There are two exceptions where login access may change. Firstly, on the Odin system, it was possible to set the mailbox username to be any email address, even one not directly related to the mailbox. This was rarely used, but in such cases the username for webmail and POP3/IMAP/SMTP will revert to being the email address.

The second case is for all-domain mailboxes - on the older system it was possible to log in using any of the effective email addresses, whereas on the newer system the mailbox login/username will be the new "main" mailbox address and other forms of login will not work. 

As an example, if the email address was previously configured as sales@<alldomains> and the domains and were in use, then the mailbox would receive emails for and and either of those two addresses could be used as the username when logging in via Webmail, IMAP, POP3 etc on the older system. On the newer system, we'll pick one of the domains as the main domain, say and that will become the main mailbox address and will be the username to use when accessing that mailbox. Messages to will still be received into the mailbox but that address cannot be used as the username when logging in. If the "main" domain chosen is not your preferred domain, it will be possible to switch that after migration, please open a support ticket from within your account, if you need to do that.

Issues after Migration

Post migration issues with email are rare as long as you have been using our recommended settings in your email program. However, because of the wide variety of email clients and devices, and different configurations possible for these, there is always some possibility that something goes wrong. In such a case, please don't hesitate to open a ticket from your account support area and we'll be happy to help.



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